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ImageAt ClearConnect we start with an evaluation of the customers needs. Since no two businesses are the same we like to customize the solution to the needs of the customer. The basic services we offer are as follows:

VoIP Upgrade: All our services are available once our customer goes through a VoIP upgrade of their current phone systems. An upgrade starts with an evaluation of the current phone equipment and the needs of the business. From there our technical team designs a solution to upgrade existing phone system(s) to IP capability through the installation of hardware at each location. The upgrade does not change the way in which the customer's system currently operates and employees will not notice a change in the way they do things or the quality of service. VoIP upgrades start at $600 per location and usually averages at around $900 per location depending on the needs of the customer and the location.

Long Distance: ClearConnect provides competitive long distance rates around the world. For Canada/USA our rates start at as low as 1.9 cents per minute depending on the package selected. For rates to international destinations please click here .

MonthlyMinutes Included Effective Rate/Min. Additional Minutes

Flat Rate Branch to Branch Calling: Do you have offices all over the country? Or even the world? With ClearConnects' Branch to Branch (B2B) solution we can offer unlimited calling between branches for $9.95 per location per month. So if you have a location in England and one in Canada, talk as much as you want for as little as $9.95 per month per location.

4 Digit Dialing: But wait, B2B gets even better with 4 digit dialing. Now just dial the extension of branch office you require and be connected instantly - no need to dial the phone number for branch to branch calling. Call transfers between branches are now a cinch and don't cost anything. Imagine, you can centralize receptionists in one location and save money. Don't worry, customers still call the local numbers in the area and calls are routed seamlessly to your staff. The price of this depends on the systems you have in place, but it is a one time cost that starts at $400. If your phone systems are more complex and the locations are numerous, then the cost will be higher. A quote will be provided once your system has been examined.

Digital Line Service: At ClearConnect we can eliminate the number of lines you have from your phone company and replace them with Digital lines which are cheaper and will save you money. In fact, with our service you can actually increase the number of lines you have and pay less than you were paying for fewer lines with the phone company. For Digital line service we offer two scenarios as follows:
-Unlimited local calling for each local line $19.95 per month
-No monthly charge per line - simply pay 1.2 cents per minute for local calls. Have as many lines as you like!

TCAP: With our warranty program, we stand behind our work and also provide warranty on your existing telephone system, after our upgrade. TCAP costs $55 per month per location.

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